The look of your front door can make or break a first impression for anyone who enters your house. Try starting with the front door because it has the most significant visual impact on your home’s exterior when you need an update. Plus, you’ll also get more bang for your buck regarding significant ROI (home improvement value) with a new entry. Let’s discuss some popular 2022 front doors that are stylish and functional.

Fiberglass and Steel Doors

Choosing the right type of front door can significantly impact your home’s curb appeal and can save you money on energy bills. In 2022, fiberglass and steel are becoming the most popular materials for exterior doors. Fiberglass is cheaper than wood, more durable, can be painted over, or can be made to mimic a wood-like appearance. Steel entry doors ​​are stronger and lighter material that is more sustainable and energy-efficient.

Added Glass Features

Oversized exterior glass elements have been a popular trend in the past year. This design creates a bright and open feel that allows tons of natural light, giving you a full view of the outdoors. While full glass views help modernize an entrance, they also come with security risks as they can be easily shattered if someone comes into contact with them. Look for low emissivity coatings or conductivity ratings, or multi-layered glass to help you decide on the highest-quality glass.

Custom Hardware

Refresh the look of your home with custom hardware, which can easily be swapped out to make a significant impact with minimal cost and effort. For example, the hot front door trend in 2022 is upscale metal accents in brushed metal and champagne bronze for door knockers, knobs, and levers.

Go Grey

The modern grey and black doors with blue hues are growing popular for front doors. While the traditional natural brown and red finishes are still going strong, the grey trend will continue to grow. Muted greys add a contemporary style that complements a more modern or transitional interior and complements stone or brick exteriors.

Moody Colors

In 2022, we’ve seen people looking for front door ideas that embrace bold, dark, and moody colors. Midnight blues, charcoal, and deep purples help complement neutral exteriors, so they are the perfect look for your entryway.

Making improvements to your home is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase its overall value. Offering your home a makeover and bringing in a potential buyer gives them something they can see, feel, and touch—and something that offers instant gratification. Tweaking their front entrance is a simple, one-time investment that adds value to the house.