Black window frames have made a return in all the right places. Black windows have a history going back to the 17th century. The earliest versions were made from iron, then transitioned to solid wood. These black windows had a unique look that soon became desirable throughout Europe. Today, black vinyl windows are all the rage among homeowners. The classic touch has been reinvented, with new uses and finishes that make your home an absolute standout. Here are some reasons why black windows are here to stay.

Exterior Black Windows Boost Curb Appeal

If a home’s curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers see, then windows are the first thing potential buyers see once inside your home. When it comes to windows, there are so many choices that it can become quite challenging to pick only one! The right frame will give any home an instant facelift!
Black window frames are a subtle way to distinguish your home from other homes in the neighborhood. Black frames are rare these days, so when someone is looking at your home, they will need to look twice to see what exactly makes your home look so different. When coordinating with your roof color, shutters, or trim, we have a few other color options as well.


Create Contrast with Black Frames

Black window frames can serve as bold accent points, highlighting the rest of your home’s aesthetics. Create contrast when you pair elegant black windows with white walls or furniture. Black frames can bring drama and elegance to light and simple spaces. Since black is a classic color, you can use it to add formality to almost any room without going overboard. A subtle change like adding a few black frames can highlight the windows in your home, giving the entire space a brighter feel.

Black Windows Generate Artful Views

One of the significant advantages of black window frames inside the home is their statement. Black windows can create either an industrial or gallery feel, depending on your style accents. Pairing black frames in spaces with white walls is perfect for creating a modern gallery-like look and works well in the deep south, where our views are often picturesque oaks and blooming azaleas! These windows look like framed art on the wall, and because they make such a statement, they don’t always need shades, blinds, or curtains to complete them. This ability to save money on window coverings might just push you toward an easy decision—that and the energy savings that come along with our replacement window options.
With their undeniable elegance, durability, and visual impact, we can recommend black windows for any homeowner who wants to make their home a standout in the neighborhood. Black windows have been in Europe for centuries. Black windows may be less common than white ones, but they are certainly not going out of style in this century!